The LITTLE Narnia Experience


We have performed The Narnia Experience 4 times, first in 2009 at Old Christ Church in Waterloo Liverpool and then on a grand scale in St George’s Hall in 2011, 2013 and 2017. It was thought this might be the last time we put on this performance but that’s all changed as we’ve decided to pack it all up in a box and do a smaller pop-up version in Bootle in our new venue in the Strand Shopping Centre.

Click here to see some photos from the St George’s Hall Performances.

The LITTLE Narnia Experience will be a shorter, simplified production but will still include the chance to see all your favourite characters. This is a walk-through theatrical experience, where visitors step through a wardrobe of fur coats into a wintry forest with a magical lamppost. The audience follows in the footsteps of Edmund and Lucy, visiting Mr Tumnus, Mrs Beaver and The White Witch in her castle as the story of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe unfolds.

The experience will be running from the 25th October to the 2nd November and again on Saturday 9th November and Saturday 16th November. Entrance to the performance will be every 30 minutes.

This event is enjoyed by all ages and a great half term event for families, although not recommended for under 3s.

Each performance will last 45 minutes.

Advanced booking is recommended so get your tickets here!