Welcome to the youth outreach page!
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Bethan  works in 7 of the local secondary schools in Crosby, Waterloo and Thornton, teaching lessons and delivering assemblies on various different PSHE subjects, such as body image, self esteem, courage and perseverance, the dangers of pornography, the psychological effects of sex, drugs in society and much, much more. The lessons aim to be engaging, thought provoking, and of course, good fun!

If you would like to help out and volunteer either with the schools work, we would love to hear from you.

Hello, my name is Bethan! I’m the Youth Outreach Coordinator at In Another Place. I’d like to say I’m an extremely fun and enthusiastic person! So I will say it. I’m an extremely fun and enthusiastic person, and funny too! 😉

I’m originally from the midlands and moved to Liverpool 4 years ago for a placement with Uni and then fell in love with the city and stayed here. My favourite things in life are: milky tea, bonfires, the woods, anything that glitters, sponge cake, sunsets, beautiful music, trips to the theatre, singing and laughing with my friends. Oh and I also really like bad jokes. I’ve been with IAP for 3 years but have been doing youth work voluntarily for 7 years.

I hope to see you soon!